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5/10(Fri) 19:00 New Release.


Wrap Silk Camisole

Shipping date: Expected delivery in late January

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Description of item

A camisole with fabric layered diagonally like a wrap skirt. Furthermore, by changing the texture and length of the stripes on the inside and outside, a rhythm is created.
We have created a unique balance with the theme that it can be worn "anytime, anywhere" and not just as room wear.

-Characteristics of silk thread-
・Highly moisturizing and smooth to the touch
Silk contains a good balance of fibroin, an ingredient that is expected to have a skin-beautifying effect, and amino acids, which are the main ingredients of collagen, and has high moisturizing properties.

・Can be expected to have a UV protection effect
Silk has a UV blocking effect and is a material that can also be used as a sunshade.

・Ideal for bedding as it is cool in summer and warm in winter
Silk fibers have a fine porous structure, so they contain a lot of air between them. Therefore, it has excellent heat retention. In addition, silk is 1.3 to 1.5 times more absorbent than cotton, and at the same time has high moisture wicking properties. This makes it the perfect material for pajamas and bedding, as it stays cool and not sticky even in the summer when you sweat a lot.

・Has antibacterial and antioxidant effects
Naturally derived antibacterial and antioxidant properties can be expected to keep the product clean and reduce odor.

- Less likely to generate static electricity
Silk is a material that is soft to the touch due to its high moisture absorption. Therefore, friction with the skin is less likely to occur and the generation of static electricity is suppressed.

-WOMENS model-
175cm/ wearing size 2

Size/Product details

Unit: cm

size Inner body CF length Front body CF length CB length Body wrap around Inner hem width Shoulder strap setting Inside wearing length (NP) Outerwear length (NP)
1 twenty three 28 17 87 93 32 40.5 45.5
2 24.5 29.5 18.5 91 97 32 42 47
material Pattern: 70% cotton, 30% silk
BLACK: Cotton (organic cotton) 80% Silk 20%

Wrap Silk Camisole



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