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Soooo Silk Gucchi Face Pack 3 pieces

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Description of item

[Contains 3 face packs]

A silk face pack that is earth-friendly and made with natural ingredients that you'll want to keep using forever.
Please try using silk biocellulose face pack.

1. A face mask containing one whole bottle (33ml) of sericin serum, a silk ingredient obtained from pesticide-free home-grown sericulture in Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture, that uses high-quality silk protein to repair skin tissue and moisturize, making it safe and secure. Made in Japan.
2. A mask that moisturizes with sericin and also contains a concentrated beauty cream ingredient that provides richness to skin that tends to dry out, giving aging skin surprising firmness and moisture.
3. This is an eco-friendly beauty mask made from natural ingredients made from coconut (Nata de Coco).The 3D structural fibers of ultra-fine fibers with a diameter of 50 nm (ultra-fine technology over 100 times that of conventional non-woven fabrics) gently and firmly protect your skin. The mask adheres closely to the mask and allows the serum to penetrate into the skin, making it possible to absorb a generous amount of serum that is 20 times the weight of the mask.

Silk is our specialty.
Sericin is a silk protein ingredient that we grow and extract from our own farmers.
We extract it from the "cocoon fluff" that is normally discarded during the silk reeling process. (Patented manufacturing method)

"Sericin" is said to be the closest natural substance to human skin, and is composed of 18 types of amino acids. It has three functions: 1) Moisturizing and water retention, 2) Antioxidant effect, and 3) Ultraviolet absorption function. In particular, since it is similar to moisturizing ingredients, it can be expected to penetrate quickly into the skin and provide moisture to the skin. Research has shown that it moisturizes and moisturizes the skin for a longer period of time than collagen.
It is said to prevent stains and freckles caused by UV rays, and has a whitening effect due to its antioxidant properties. Silk raw materials are often expensive and cannot be blended in large quantities, but because we make our products from raw materials, we are able to contain plenty of sericin.

Size/Product details

Internal capacity
1 piece ✖️ 3 sets


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