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¥1,000 OFF クーポン クーポンコード"WOW06"

Soooo Silk Fluffy Soap/Journey

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Description of item

Silk soap sold more than 1,000 pieces in three days on a crowdfunding site and ranked number one in the soap category. Silk is our specialty. Sericin is a silk protein ingredient that we grow and extract from our own farmers. We extract it from the "cocoon fluff" that is normally discarded during the silk reeling process. (Patented manufacturing method) "Sericin" is said to be the closest to human skin in nature, and is composed of 18 types of amino acids. It has three functions: 1) Moisturizing and water retention, 2) Antioxidant effect, and 3) Ultraviolet absorption function. In particular, since it is similar to moisturizing ingredients, it can be expected to penetrate quickly into the skin and provide moisture to the skin. Research has shown that it moisturizes and moisturizes the skin for a longer period of time than collagen. It is said to prevent stains and freckles caused by UV rays, and has a whitening effect due to its antioxidant properties. Silk raw materials are often expensive and cannot be blended in large amounts, but because we make our products from raw materials, we are able to incorporate plenty of sericin. Authentic Japanese natural handmade soap made using a cold process method and aged for a month to maintain its ingredients.

-Journey Features-
The blue color, which has a denim-like taste, is a 100% natural color created from the traditional Japanese plant "indigo". Indigo is also attractive because it has a skin-cleansing effect. An oriental herbal scent that leaves you feeling refreshed. It is often included in cosmetics as a skin conditioning agent, and is said to have a whitening effect by inhibiting melanin production. It is rich in polyphenols and is effective against acne and atopic dermatitis. The problem with soaps made from natural ingredients is that they are difficult to foam. When purchasing, many people are concerned about how well it lathers. Because this soap is used every day, we want it to be something that will lift your mood during bath time. Because we think this way, we pay special attention to the quality of foaming, fluffy, and fine-grained foam. In the process, we also discovered that foaming changes depending on the combination and ratio of oils, and ultimately arrived at four oils.

After washing your face and body using a foaming net, we recommend using a "foam pack" for about 5 to 10 seconds. The silk-derived protein sericin contained in soap is an ingredient with excellent moisturizing and water-holding ability, and also works to maintain the skin's condition for a long time. By thoroughly penetrating the ingredients into the stratum corneum, the skin is thoroughly washed and the moisturizing and water-retaining effects continue. Size/Product details

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